LAFD guide for scanners

BC898T.jpgThe LAFD continues to rule. If having a blog talking about the behind the scenes wasn’t enough, now they have posted all kinds of tips for people with scanners including a list of voice frequencies that you can tune into. This is unstoppably cool and once again makes me ask why the LAPD isn’t taking a hint from their fire fighting brethren, and once again I get to send an e-mail to all of my non-LA friends pointing out how cool their fire department isn’t. Nanny Nanny Boo Boo.

2 thoughts on “LAFD guide for scanners”

  1. The LAFD and LAPD are like the two brothers that everybody had in their high school, one of which was a good-looking, smart and charming class president that everybody liked and the other of which was the white trash bully that stole from people’s lockers and hung around with shady guys who had already graduated.

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