Happy Birthday Pasadena Freeway

The oldest freeway in the state turned 65 today, according to dude on KFWB thatI heard when I was driving around this afternoon. I wasn’t on the Pasadena Freeway myself at the time, but I was in a car on a road, so I felt like I was celebrating – even just a little bit. Also, and this could be complete horse crap, but they went on to say that the reason it’s so damn wavey and serpentiney is that when it was built, the engineers were worried that with so few cars on the road that people would drive to fast so the cerves were put in to make people slow down. Nice work fellas!

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Pasadena Freeway”

  1. According to the original mock-up the Arroyo Seco Parkway was going to have picnickers on the median enjoying life while cars meandered by. Right.

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