Get Naked and Heal Thyself

The week between Christmas and New Year’s always feels a little weird to me. LA is so oddly quiet. To banish some of the residual anxiety I get from living in this city, I decided a tranquil trip was in order. That usually means going some place where the water is nice and warm. Being low on funds, the Mexican Riviera, Hawaii or the Caribbean were not options. My wonderful lover suggested we hit Desert Hot Springs for a couple of nights. We found two great places that transported us to another world. The first: Hacienda Hot Springs was a quiet oasis in the desert. A small six room place, completely renovated by it’s new owner in the California Mission style, it was a perfect spot to start the vacation. The place has wonderful desert landscaping and lots of herbs in the garden and the rooms are sweet (all with small kitchens). It’s decor is a mix of cool western antiques with modern touches. The have a gorgeous pool and a nice sauna. We soaked til three in the morning under the stars and didn’t see another soul….there was only one other couple there that night, so we basically had the place to ourselves. Serenity.
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The Hacienda was booked the next night, so we were off down the road to our next experience at Living Waters Spa. This place is a clothing optional resort, which is totally misleading cuz there was no clothes on anyone at ANYTIME. In fact wearing clothes seemed totally out of place and gave you the feeling you might get if you were the only one naked and walked into a party where everyone was wearing clothes. I dug it though because while we swirled around naked as jaybirds at the other place, we always had our towels handy in case someone showed up. There is something totally delicious about swimming naked and relaxed in warm water.

The cool thing about Living Waters was that the mineral water came up continuously from the aquifer without any added chlorine. Most places add light chlorine so they don’t have to pump as much, but this place had a constant flow in both the soaking pool and the big swimming pool. It was super clean and felt great on your skin. The place is owned by a couple, Jeff and Judy, who bought it two years ago and renovated it in a sleek modern style that befits it’s 50’s architecture. The kept the original neon sign with the first motel name, “The Kismet Lodge” which is a cool beacon in the night.
After soaking for three days, we were so relaxed we could hardly move. We did make it out to Joshua Tree and climbed on a rock to watch the sunset. Great way to end a day….we couldn’t speak for hours.

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