All’s Wells that ends well.

Interesting little tidbit in a Boston Globe story, Sox in hunt for Tejada. While the Padres and Dodgers have been reported as the most likely ‘landing spots’ for pitcher David Wells, there were indications the last couple of days that Arizona, having cleared Troy Glaus’s contract off the books, might pursue Wells. No idea what those ‘indications’ were, and pursuit does not equal probability.

While having Wells in our rotation would be intriguing, my fear is two-fold: first, his 43-year-old, 250-pound body’s recent problems; and second, what we would be giving up to get him. And as far as Boston players go, I still have unrealistic dreams about a certain outfielder.

However, I’m expecting Jeff Weaver to get re-signed any day now, which would lessen the need for Wells. Our rotation would be something like:

* Brad Penny
* Jeff Weaver
* Odalis Perez (assuming he’s not out the door)
* Derek Lowe
* Brett Tomko

Which is not too shabby.

Oh, and a “See ya!” to ex-Dodger reliever Gio Carrara, who has signed with the Pirates, joining his old manager, Jim Tracy.