does jacko work for the bushes, or what?

Just in time to drag Americans’ attention away from George W. Bush’s illegal spying scandal, Michael Jackson is right back in the news, and this one is a doozy:

Michael Jackson’s ex is accusing him of kidnapping their children.

Jackson and his children are in Bahrain. [Bahrain? WTF?] [A gossip website that’s not getting any google juice from me] said. Rowe [The no-longer-being-paid-off-ex-wife] wants custody of the kids and allegedly said the pop singer underhandedly took them out of the country to make it difficult for her to get them.

Awesome. Now all we need is a beautiful white woman to get into some sort of trouble and a shark attack, and everything will be right back to normal. Back to you in the studio, Paul Moyers.

3 thoughts on “does jacko work for the bushes, or what?”

  1. Maybe not illegal (the investigation is still underway), but immoral, definitely immoral, and very un-American in a “I’m a wannabe facist dictator” kind of way.
    And as for Bahrain… probably very little in the way of extradition from Bahrain.

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