Celebrity Baggage

Caryn and I just ot back to LA after spending the first part of the month in Miami and while we were waiting for our baggage all kinds of crazy celebaction went down before our eyes. Well, sort of. First off there was Johnny Knoxville in a white cowboy hat. He was surrounded by pestering fans asking for autographs and photos and was putting up with it all well all of the sudden in walks David Carradine in a black cowboy hat. Their eyes met, they glared at each other. The whole room went silent. Knoxville made the first move but before he could even get to his gun Carradine put two between his eyes. OK, I made that gunfight part up entirely since neither one of them did shit. Isn’t there some rule that if you are wearing a white or black cowboy hat and you see someone wearing the opposite color you have to fight to the death on the spot? I’m pretty sure there is, and thusly am pretty sure that these guys are both major poseurs. No lines in the sand were drawn and no revolvers were holstered. But baggaged was claimed. A few seconds later Ben Kingsley walked in so perhaps the lack of an outright old west throwdown was because they both knew Gandhi was about to show up.

As for Caryn and I, luckily we got out of Miami before people started shooting up the place, and got out of LAX before having to look at Cardadine’s Ferrari.

4 thoughts on “Celebrity Baggage”

  1. While at LAX, has anyone else noticed the suspicious looking people carrying clipboards and walkies, dressed casual business style, and approaching people asking, “Can I help you with anything?” Then, after directing these people, requesting a donation “for the children”?

  2. Glad you got out of Miami safely. When I heard the news of the shooting yesterday I was hoping you guys were able to avoid that chaos.

  3. Most exotic LAX spotting of my tiny traveling career?

    Striding through the American concourse to the curb, guitar case in hand, taller than any man I’ve ever seen, his ice-white hair flowing around his shoulders …. Edgar Winter.

    Made my day.

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