Blue Moves and Rumors of Moves

Apparently the Dodgers weren’t done after signing their new manager. That this fact is a pleasant surprise is the very definition of bittersweet. ;) However, the next bit of good news is that (according to an email release) infielder Rafael Furcal is now a Dodger. He’ll most likely step into the shortstop spot vacated by Cesar Izturis, who is out until at least the All-Star Break recovering from surgery. Once Little Cesar is back, Rafael could move to second, and Jeff Kent to first.

Anyhow, there are naturally other rumors, including Nomar Garciaparra to play third and Manny Ramirez — an interesting if unlikely rumor that has the added bonus of being an article, although it’s been much more widely speculated he’s headed to Lanaheim. Others include Alfonso Soriano from the Rangers (headed to the Nationals) and even David Wells.

I will be, yes, pleasantly surprised if any of those work out. I will be especially shocked if we manage to get some really decent starting pitching.