Second Rock From The Sun

venus.jpg Look, up in the sky by the light of the slivery moon! By Jupiter… it’s Venus!

I know, I know: old news for any of you sky watchers. Venus has been virtually parked up there with her high beams on since sometime in April, and certainly didn’t garner the attention that our “close encounter” with Mars did back in October. But the third brightest object in our sky behind the sun and the moon is all set to shine with her own event called a “greatest brilliancy” this Friday, December 9. So weather and visibility permitting, cast your eyes to the southwestern skies after sundown and give Venus a little celestial love.

6 thoughts on “Second Rock From The Sun”

  1. Man, that’s nice.

    All this clear, cool air is making for some fantastic visibility conditions.

  2. You’re so right about the clear air. I just got back from two days at La Quinta and the moon/Venus pairing was astonishingly bright out there. All that freezing cold air, I guess.

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