Auto Perfection – Not

Coasting back into town late Monday night after a wild weekend up north, I was happy to be back in the warm embrace of LA. There’s no place like home. It was a long drive up the 5, so when we hit town around 11pm, my sweetie and I dropped in at the 101 Cafe in Hollywood for a snack before bed. I parked my car under a bright light, both parking spaces on either side empty….looked like a good bet not to get any dings. I had a pretty bad smash up this summer, so the whole car got buffed out on someone elses dime. The paint is now shiny and new, no dents from all the mishaps of the past five years. I was happy in my sweet beemer now that she was looking slick and ready for action again.

After a quick bite we strolled back out, I walked up to the car and did a double take…dammit!!
What IS that?!!!! A huge gash in the door!!! And another one on the hood, and the roof and the rear panel and the trunk. We’re not talking mere keying my friend, but pedal to the metal rips right down to the metal base of the car. Here I was loving LA and grateful that I could come home to such a sweet inviting city and she slapped me upside the head. As if to say, don’t be so starry-eyed, bitch! There’s jagged teeth buried under these bright lights. Ah well, I knew a perfect car was to good to last long in LA. I guess I’ll just have to wait until someone hits me again, cuz I sure as hell am not shelling out $1500 to fix it.

The next morning I remembered! Security cameras! I’ll call the restaurant and get them to check the feed. Sean, the manager, was sweet and reviewed the tapes….maybe just maybe we could figure out who the angry shithead was who did the dirty deed. But then what? Stalk the parking lot on the thin hope he’d strike again. And I’m sure someone like that would respond well to me marching my ass up to him and demanding renumeration. I let it go. Every day now I see my car and think….okay this is a lesson….don’t be attached.

But try as I might to forgive the stranger who took out his anger on my shiny car, all I want is revenge!

9 thoughts on “Auto Perfection – Not”

  1. How suckass is that to have happen!!? What a damn shame!

    But while I wouldn’t encourage you to take matters into your own hands, the tape may very well provide a clear picture of the perpetrator(s) and maybe even their vehicle. If so, you should definitely have a copy made of the tape and prints made of the stills and take them down to the Hollywood station to file a report.

  2. I’d have to agree with the above, but I can definitely sympathize. I got keyed back in April. Hadn’t even had the car for a year at that time. Luckily, the insurance company covered the whole thing.

    You might want to see if your policy covers vandalism. After all, you don’t pay out the ass for nothing.

  3. My policy does cover vandalism….but there’s a $1000 deductible…so I’m not sure if I want to suck it up or wait. Now that a couple of days have passed I’m not so riled. and yes will, I’m definately marching over to the police station with those stills. Just another thing on the to-do list.

  4. Splendid idea! I will….just as soon as I get my greedy hands on them! In just one more bureaucratic glitch, the angel who was helping me, Shawn, got fired yesterday, so now I have to get them from someone else I haven’t been speaking with. And get them to the police.

  5. having suffered two hit and runs this year, (i also have a $1000 deductible), i can definitely sympathize.
    post the stills. remember hearing about a subway flasher who’s identity was “exposed” thanks to a blog posting (and subsequent media coverage, i think)?

  6. T, if the new contacts at the cafe and gives you any grief about viewing/getting the tape, tell them you’re going to go straight to the police, report the crime and will advise them that the cafe is being uncooperative in providing potential videotape evidence that could help identify the culprits.

  7. Nah, Jackie, no kicking will be involved….we’re into the non-violent approach. But I will definately post the stills if I can get them!
    It would be great if someone who knows someone who knows someone identified him. I’m sure he’s the type who would be willing to pony up the amount it costs to fix it! ha.

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