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Uh oh! Looks like we’ve got another obsessed psycho fan. While the “I’m so jealous of ______ I have to compensate by making fun of them” thing is always fresh and exciting, really we aren’t worth all the attention. I mean, 2 full posts in the last 3 days? Entire paragraphs reprinted from 5 different posts? It’s all very flattering but really we’re not into the whole idol/rock star/hero worship thing so honestly, just being on your blogroll is more than enough link love for us. kthnxbye.

UPDATE: Another post! That’s three in four days. And this one reprinted an entire post, not just a part of one. I’m glad our content is so boring that he has to fill his site up with it. But that’s not all, he also whiped out the ever popular “I’m not jealous, check out how cool I already am!!” arguement with links to his own accomlishments. Which is never flattering. Ever. Tsk tsk.

12 thoughts on “Stalker Alert”

  1. I’m all for constructive criticism, but must admit I’m surprised and not quite sure what prompted Rodger to lay the back of his hand upon us. Twice. Clearly we’re not living up to his potential and maybe this is his tough-love way to try and get us to giddy-up? Hmmmm. But those simultaneous props to LAist while putting us down sure make it sound like The Dobkin’s got to him.

  2. This just feels like a “clever” way for this guy to generate traffic to his blog so he can sell his books.




  3. I left a comment on Rodger’s third post which apparently struck a nerve, because he deleted it. I’ll recreate the comment here from memory:

    Rodger, I’m actively encouraging people to avoid your site. Your posts about are negative, and there’s enough negativity in the world. If you are so concerned about the state of’s posts, why not post some contstructive criticism in the comments? Or why not impress the world with your skills in your own posts on your own site, rather than tearing down someone elses?

    Publishing a self-aggrandizing negative attack on someone else’s creative act — and then hiding behind the guise of criticism — is cowardly. Doing so to increase your hit count is slimey.

    And pointing to your own work as a mark of maturity? That’s grade school stuff. Besides, I think you meant “until you SELF-publish a book on a notorious unsolved murder,” right?

  4. Bert, if your comment over at Wonderland was taken down, it’s back up now. I don’t get any sense that Rodger Jacobs is afraid of taking heat for his statements.

    While I agree with you there’s a surplus of negativity prevailing, I’m not sure Wonderland’s motives are as unpure or self-serving as you’d believe them to be, and I’m not sure what purpose is served in attacking him and adding to that negativity by implying he’s cowardly and slimey.

    Rodger has been a thoughtful and considerate commenter on over the past few months, and while perhaps he could have been more constructive and less critical in the initial tone of his remarks, he has every right to call ’em as he sees ’em. And we have every right to ignore him or give his statements validity.

  5. Actually, on second thought, you guys aren’t nearly boring as our blog. But then, that’s kinda hard.

    And Rodger isn’t really the type to seek publicity, I don’t think. Also, he’s done a lot more than self-publish a book on the Wonderland murders. But, anyway… So it goes, etc.

  6. Well-reasoned, fair, and well-said, Mr. Campbell. I was irritated by the tone of Rodger’s posts and wrote my comment in haste. I apologize for my comments, and hope Rodger understands why I felt the need to come to’s defense, despite my poor execution.

    The truth is I’ve been lurking here for over a year, and I’ve enjoyed my daily visits immensely. I learn something new about my city nearly every time I drop by. I hate seeing unwarranted attacks on one of my favorite blogs, is all.

  7. Bert and Will, my hat is off to both of you. And thank you, Will, for noticing that I have been posting comments on some of the blogs here at Blogging L.A. over the last couple of months. Some seem to want to paint me as an ogre who decided to just trample through the BLA garden at random. No, I’ve been reading for awhile, in point of fact, and that’s another element that angered me: many of the bloggers here refuse to engage their readers in a dialogue. Comments are posted without reciprocity, not even a “Hey, thanks for posting!”

    If you can’t engage your readers, don’t offer a comments board. Like many of you, I work 7 days a week AND maintain a blog on a daily basis. And I try to always keep the dialogue flowing in my comment sections. If you can’t make that effort, then why are you blogging? To see your own fanciful “Don’t buy 22 items in a 20 items or less aisle” wit in electronic print?

  8. OH! OK, that makes more sense. You went off on a huge rant about how boring is that filled several posts on several days because you’ve been reading the site and posting comments for months but no one ever said “thank you so much rodger jacobs for your scary insightful comment”?

    Real classy.

  9. It makes sense that he is calling you out. is so boring, fill with inane posts (such as Seans). And the comments are by the same posters all the time, who just happen to be the contributors. I know many people who prefer reading other sites, as this site just regurgitates what was already mentioned before. It also could help if people were actually from LA, unlike a few who pretend to be. I know Sean just hates criticism. Face it, you and your site SUCK!

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