During the morning carpool to work, headed southbound on the 101 Freeway near the 134/101 split, I spotted a silver Lexus GS300 with the license plate:


I shit you not.

11 thoughts on “HTML TAG…”

  1. I got a photo with my Treo, but the license plate frame had one of those semi-clear covers (aren’t those illegal?) that obscured the lettering.

  2. I saw a plate in Torrance last weekend that read: “SCSI” — a friend says it belongs to the guy who holds that patent.

  3. Those plastic covers are, in fact, illegal because they make it more difficult for law enforcement to identify the vehicle – this goes for all kinds of situations, not just the ones in which the drive might have misbehaved, etc.

    The reflective ones, or the special reflective paint is what twarts red-light cameras, and is also illegal.

    Those platic covers are butt-ass ugly as well because they always get dingy and nearly opaque quickly.

    So, do local law enforcement and car enthusiasts a favor and take those puppies off.

    Also – doesn’t matter how fancy your car is, if you’re a Californian, you need a front license plate, you law-avoiding, think-you’re-so-hot spaz. And my last license plate related gripe (oddly enough, i have a significant background in state license plate policy and law – no really, i didn’t think it could be done either) – those silver plate frames that have the name of the car on them? Like the name and emblem inches from the thing was enough? It has to say “Civic” on it like 500 times? Jeez.

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