Eric The Great: Garcetti Elected President of Los Angeles!

eg.jpgWell, almost… President of the Los Angeles City Council, actually.

Time was not so long ago that I could lampoon my favorite L.A. City Councilperson for some ridiulous fine the city’s ethics commission levied against him for walking around with his shoelaces untied while campaigning back in 2001, and he’d be the only one to get the joke. But with the news just out that his fellow councileers have today unanimously elected him our next City Council President, I guess it’s time for me to quit kidding around, right?

Gawd, I hope not. Hell, I voted him for mayor last May. Seriously!

Eric Garcetti’s good humor coupled with his amazing accessibility, his ironclad work ethic, and his tireless dedication to the city of L.A. and its citizens will all come in handy when he succeeds outgoing Prez Alex Padilla this coming New Year’s Day. According to the official press release, the council presidency is anything but laid back:

Elected by the 15 members of the Los Angeles City Council, the Council President is the parliamentary chair of the council. In his new role, Councilmember Garcetti will be responsible for setting the council agenda, chairing council meetings, and assigning members to legislative committees. The president also serves as interim mayor if the mayor leaves the state of California.

Sources tell me that there’s quite the goody bag that comes with the new gig. Some of the shwag includes a really cool crown and sceptor (only worn in closed-door sessions and during Lakers championship parades), a gavel that doubles as a Pez dispenser, the money needed to repave Griffith Park Boulevard and restripe its bike lanes, a Segway, an Xbox 360, and unlimited free rides on the Angels Flight railway, whenever it finally reopens.

But in all proud constituent righteousness: congratulation Councilman/President-Elect Garcetti. You lead. I’ll follow.