Elves that go pop

Last year I snubbed Griffith Park’s Light Festival. I’m not much for the Christmas spirit except for the post-xmas tree beach burn. Tonight however, Gloria, Moki and I decided to check it out as it was only 15 minutes from the house. First tip, if you can at all coordinate it, go on a weeknight. At the entrance to the park at Los Feliz and Riverside Drive there was a sign posting the wait time as 90 minutes. We sped by in the blackness and within one minute passed another sign that posted the wait time as 40 minutes. In another 2 minutes we were driving under the archway of lights. I can’t really imagine waiting in a car with impatient kids to see 10 minutes of eye candy. Tip number two: turn off your headlights. If you’ve been waiting for an hour already, maybe you already have turned them off.

Once you cross under the arcway of lights, It’s almost like the Vegas strip. Happy elves pop their smiling and mischievous faces out from behind trees. Airplanes take off from LAX and dinosaurs munch on the perpetual LA palm. My favorite was the exploding volcano and the herd of buffalo. Then there was the DWP hose that sprays a fountain of lights across the road to a patch of growing red flowers. It was quite a spectacle with the accompanying holiday themed music.

Tip number you didn’t hear it from me: I can imagine enjoying the sparkling lights in various relaxed states, if you know what I mean. Hire a driver and bring your own soundtrack. You’ve got until December 30th to partake.

3 thoughts on “Elves that go pop”

  1. don’t bother. waste of time…unless you see it from the backside. Play a late round of goof at Harding, have a couple of pops with Edith at the turn and time it so you are coming up 16th fairway when the sun is down and the cars are rolling… just like “Apocalypse Now”. You can cross through the fence and walk up and down the heart of the lights then pack it back to the clubhouse for one more..

  2. Might I also suggest an alternate viewing option: on foot. Instead of dealing with any traffic back-up (especially later in the evening), bypass it by parking in the L.A. Zoo parking lot at the end of the light festival and going for a stroll south down to the beginning and back.

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