Like LA, except not (New Metblogs)

I’m not in LA this week. I’m in Miami. And you know what else is in Miami? A brand new Metroblogging site! Caryn and I are guestblogging there and so is Johannes from Vienna who is in town hanging out with us which should make for a very interesting blog launch. It’s funny, having spent a lot of my growing up years in Florida I heard a lot of comparisons between Miami and Los Angeles. This was amusing at the time since all the Miami based folks I knew thought of themselves as New York South as opposed to having any relation to the west coast, but even more so now because I live in LA and know the cities are nothing like each other. OK, so it doesn’t snow in either place and we’ve both had the honor of having a version of Grand Theft Auto modeled after the cities but other than that, not so much. I’m here for work so I don’t know how much sight-seeing-blogging I’ll get to do, but I’ll try and post some photos if nothing else. Assuming you give a rats ass about that kind of thing, check it out.

And since we’re making announcements – Miami is the 37th Metroblogging city, because Dubai is the 36th and that went live this morning as well. Enjoy!

4 thoughts on “Like LA, except not (New Metblogs)”

  1. Sean:

    Please accept our heartiest congratulations on your remarkable milestone. It’s always heartening to see a local enterprise do good – especially when that endeavor brings our world a little closer.

    With Wishes For Continued Success,

    Brian Humphrey
    Public Service Officer
    Los Angeles Fire Department

  2. Agreement here.

    Los Angeles, at least in the minds of its own inhabitants, has been more in competition with New York and Chicago, rather than Miami. They have very little in common other than beaches, palm trees and a large Spanish-speaking population (Los Angeles mostly Mexican, Miami mostly Cuban/Caribbean.)

    The same dichotomy here with any supposed rivalry between Los Angeles and San Francisco. This is something San Francisco residents have been preoccupied, or more likely, obsessed with for decades. While Bay area denizens have been fuming over “plastic” L.A. and its flaky residents who just refuse to have the good taste to admit who much more refined and significant San Francisco is, Angelenos have been over-concerned with Madison Avenue, The New York Times, and its competition with the Big Apple on the pop culture landscape, seeing themselves as residents of the sunny, edge-city yin to New York’s gloomy Europe- Junior yang. Meanwhile, San Francisco is nothing more than a nice place to go for a romantic weekend at a bed and breakfast and a cable car ride.

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