Anybody have a favorite mover?

I have to get all my stuff to NYC in the next few weeks. Can anyone recommend a moving company?

I’ve used Ben-Hur Moving and Storage in the past, and they were okay (they only lost/broke a few things), but I’d like to get an estimate from at least one other company.

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  1. Right on Time Movers was a great experience for me, I’ll probably use them for my next move (unless I use Ben Hur (who knew?)).

  2. I’ve used Atlas twice and United once for cross-country moves — twice corporate paid and once I paid. They both were very good. Call Atlas — Gentle Giant is one of their local offices. Both will give you a firm bid.

  3. My last move was I used the aweseom Delancey Street Foundation movers based locally in Montebello at 323/890-2300, but I don’t know if they do any interstate moves.

    Whoever you use, check out
    for info on how to make a more informed choice.

  4. I’ve never used them, but I’ve heard good things about Starving Students. Only one person I know used them to move from CA to CO, and it was a great experience. I’m sure then could handle your distance, at least worth looking into.

  5. Tammara, I’ll never give up on LA completely! I’ve just been feeling New Yorky lately, and I want to give that city another shot.

  6. I’ve heard horrible things about Starving Students. I’ve had very good experiences with the Delancey Street Foundation up in SF, but I’m not sure if they do long distance.

  7. We shipped a few loads via freight and used MINI MOVES for relo from Chicago. They were great.

  8. Do NOT use Starving Students. EVER. PERIOD. They’re slow, they’re clumsy, and they have very little regard for your furniture, and they upcharged me several hundred bucks the one time I used them. They are not afraid to hold your furniture hostage. They will NOT give you a firm bid price. For an interstate move, use a real interstate mover, like Atlas. If you have less than a trukload, they can combine you with another load to NY and you can save a few bucks.

  9. I did tons of research on this subject before I used Moishes Moving ( from Manhattan to Seattle last year and they were excellent. As they are based right in Manhattan, they are particularly good on the New York end which can prsent some unique challenges (hello bridge and tunnel security checks). I know they do a lot of work between LA and NY. Christies and Sothebys use them so I figured they’d be a cut above. They were. And the prices were not that much more than some of the scary discount movers I checked out.

  10. Once deciding on a company I’d google them to see if they show up on any nightmare stories boards. I would avoid Load Lock & Roll like the plague…don’t believe me? Google them.

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