Lincoln Place takes it to Hancock Park

The tenants of the Lincoln Place apartment complex in Venice got fed up with the shrug-off they kept getting from city attorney Rocky Delgadillo’s office when they approached him about the illegal harassment and evictions they’ve been undergoing at the hands of developer/landlords AIMCO, so they took the protest to Delgadillo’s (very nice) house here in Hancock Park-adjacent.

The Channel 2 truck pulled up right as I was leaving, so I wanted to scurry home to blog this.

For background, a good article on NPR’s website about moderately-priced housing going the way of the dinosaur in general is here; more detailed info about the fight between AIMCO, the tenants facing eviction and the role the California Historical Resources Commission has played in the fight on the Preserve LA site, here.

One thought on “Lincoln Place takes it to Hancock Park”

  1. This is the same thing that Aimco is doing to my Mother’s apartment complex in Darien, Illinois. Unfortunately there is no tenant’s association and they have gotten no relocation money. These people just doze you down in your tracks. I hope the people of Venice get some reprieve. These are beautiful buildings.

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