“Tied to me tight tie me up again”

It’s not bad enough all the stupid drivers on the road narrowly missing you every day — there’s also folks *trying* to hit you.

Twenty-three people have been arrested for allegedly participating in an insurance fraud ring that staged more than 60 auto collisions on Southern California freeways and bilked about $3 million from insurers, officials said Wednesday.

A seven-month investigation led to the arrest of Huntington Park lawyer Bernard Laufer, 52, as the alleged ringleader, said state Insurance Commissioner John Garamendi. Laufer, taken into custody Tuesday, faces charges of insurance fraud, grand theft and conspiracy.

The investigation continues and more arrests likely will be made, Garamendi said. The probe is looking into doctors and chiropractors who may have been involved in the scam.

One thought on ““Tied to me tight tie me up again””

  1. How ridiculous! I’ve always joked about the possibility that people were trying to make me miss green lights, but maybe they were just trying get me to rear-end them. Grrr… I wish I worked downtown so I could just hop on the Orange Line.

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