Queens of the Stone Age @ The Wiltern December 19th & 20th

Queens of the Stone Age are one of my favorite current rock bands. I’m sorry but there isn’t a single actor or actress in this band. They do however, put on a killer live show, complete with some of the best stage banter around. If you haven’t seen this band yet (or even if you have) you should catch one of these two last shows in LA at The Wiltern (they’re also gonna do one in Toronto or somewhere I think but don’t quote me on that) before they go on a little break from being a band. Click here to buy tickets for either 12/19/05 or 12/20/05. Don’t blow it and miss these shows, cuz not only do these guys have bomb songs (check out the riffage man) but these dudes go off harder than David Lee Roth! Well maybe not that hard, they haven’t started to wear spandex yet. Either way, here are a few photos I took a while ago. Also, subcribe to the Queens Of The Stone Age video podcast by clicking here. It’s got clips from their renegade shows… yeah dude, dope show.