Xbox 360 War Stories?

Last week, I posted a list of what many of the brick-and-mortar retail chains were doing in regards to selling the Xbox 360 when it went on sale this morning (in some cases, at midnight).

As a gamer, I usually get a console on the first day it goes on sale, but this time around, I ultimately decided that with the apparent artificial shortages, it wasn’t worth dealing with all of the stress and hassle of fighting not necessarily the gamers so such as the ones looking to resell the consoles on eBay.

I guess I’m getting too old for this shit.

That being said, reading the war stories at Joystiq thus far (here, here, here, and .here), I’m curious to know what kind of hoops people had to go through around here to get their consoles this morning?

One thought on “Xbox 360 War Stories?”

  1. No joy here – quantities were REALLY limited (usually 10-20 per store). Many many preorders are going unfilled. Pretty paltry “launch” if you ask me. Better off staying home if you didn’t feel like camping for 12+ hours.

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