15 thoughts on “weather, or not?”

  1. *Whew*…..As a gay male I thought I was going str8 just staring at her chest. Had to bitch slap myself several times to get back into reality. I kept telling myself, “Its those tight sweaters,it’s those tight blouses” Glad to read that other peeps are having the same dilema.

  2. First, I have a ten year old daughter and I am a bit saddened to realize that she will be held to these standards, that she will know about sexism first hand.

    Second, Jillian Barberie is hotter, in a deliciously slutty way (check her wikipedia page). She is definitely one of my favorite guests on the Howard Stern show.

  3. Stu, I’m not typically a “they get what they deserve for dressing that way” kind of guy, but Jackie Johnson (and the folks at CBS/KCAL) absolutely know what they’re doing when she’s dressed as she is.

    Never been a big Jillian Barberie fan…whether it’s her act or not, she seems kinda dim and shallow.

  4. Jillian is underrated as chatting is underrated. She’s well spoken, relaxed, sense of humor, and she seems to have a brain functioning. She follows politics and current events well enough, as well as fights for causes like spaying and adopting of pets. Also, the last time I heard her on Stern she admitted, quite eloquently, that she thoroughly enjoys porn. Jackie seems too conservative for me, too passive and timid. But that’s just my opinion. Truthfully, I’m waiting for a meteorologist to step up and start educating people, explaining isobars and off-shore flows and whatnot. Maybe we could convince Jillian to do a weather blog where she educates the uninitiated and talks dirty at the same time. Hotcha!

  5. Nah… Dorothy’s hotter. Brains and beauty. Jillian’s attractive, but in a vapid, cheeleader kind of way. Not that that’s a bad thing.

  6. I’ll take Erica Hill (CNN Headline News) or Lara Logan (CBS) over Jackie, Jillian, or Dorothy any day. While I can see the appeal, I really don’t find those three all that attractive.

  7. Dorothy is absolutely a great package. But she is a little too conservative, a little too “safe” for me. Is she the kind of woman you marry? Yes. However, is she the kind of woman you bring with you on a trip to Costa Rica, just to have a few days of wild and untamed sex? Not so much. Jillian, yes. And another thing, I find Jillian to be upbeat, silly, and immature, but I never find her vapid. She is neither jejune, bland, dull, or innocuous. She may be flighty or silly, she may smirk at things that are serious to me, she may actively avoid serious issues, but that’s just her role on tv, to keep Steve balanced. Remember, Steve’s job is to make things more serious, Jill’s is to make it more wacky, and Dorothy’s job is to make it more centrist. I think they all do their job really well, and I also think that Jillian is too overdressed for the morning show. In fact, I think Jillian should combine the weather with predictions as to the next time she’ll get laid. *That*, my friends, is television worth watch. :ÔøΩ)

  8. If we’re expanding beyond the local L.A. news scene, then the aforementioned Erica Hill and Robin Meade (CNN Headline News) top my list, with Jennifer Bjorklund (NBC 4) in third, and Jackie Johnson in fourth. (Yes, I’ve had discussion with friends about the hottest newspeeps.) And no, I haven’t forgotten about Lauren Sanchez (UPN 13), but I’ve soured on her as of late.

  9. Don’t you guys get the Jillian/Dorothy match-up? It is Ginger/Mary Ann all over again!

    Does that make Steve Edwards Gilligan or the Skipper?

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