Juliette & The Licks At The Troubadour…

DSC_6237dx.jpgLest people think that the artists I see live in concert fall under just one genre, earlier tonight I saw Tsar as well as Juliette and The Licks at The Troubadour.

They also have the unique distinction of being two of Tony Pierce‘s favorites. And now I see why he’s been raving about them so damned much. Tony P.’s word is as good as gold.

More photos of Juliette Lewis’ band here and photos of Tsar here.

UPDATE: I should mention that I had to deal with a rather rowdy crowd around me last night. I was just about in the front row and *this close* to Juliette, and as a result, was pushed and shoved ad nauseum during several of Juliette’s songs, which is par for the course given the nature of her music, but it pissed me off to no end. I wound up having to fend off the moshers by pushing them back and elbowing them (with limited success), and I even had my camera cocked and ready to use as a weapon (in self-defense) if things had degenerated even further. Adding insult to injury, there were at least two other photographers around me who had some items stolen… Photog #1 had two rolls of film stolen from his bag and Photog #2 had his camera bag (containing batteries, an extra lens, and a flash) stolen altogether. Considering that all I lost was my patience, I suppose I didn’t fare too badly.

UPDATE #2: Photo links updated.

5 thoughts on “Juliette & The Licks At The Troubadour…”

  1. Yeah, i love how shes acting on stage even… gotta love those actors and actresses that try and rock… doesnt get anymore bullshit hollywood than that!

  2. i know its blasphemy to say michael, but she could give mr. pop a run for his money

    and jon, exactly how many times have you see juliette rock?

    doesnt get any more bullshit than to group all actors and actresses into your narrow stereotypes than to asssume that if you can read a few lines for film then theres no way you can get on stage and let loose.

  3. Tony – Put down the crackpipe and back away from the keyboard. Your remark is blaphemous and will result in your being put to death by “repeated Stooges listening at 11” until your ears bleed brains! Not 10 Tony, 11 man.

    I’ve seen Juliette perform. She is a capable performer, a little too capable for my tastes. As in “I’ve seen all these moves before”. I got the feeling she was playing the role of rock star. Musics not bad though. Maybe I should give her another try live!

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