Enlightened Driving, Part 2: Expand your view

We’ve had a lot of ranting here, here, here, and here about our recent bad driver experiences, which gives me all the more reason to continue on my series promising your enlightenment merely by driving in Los Angeles.

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What do you pay attention to when you drive? The interior of your car, whether you cell phone is ringing, if the car in front of you is breaking? Or are you rocking out to the music looking at the Palm trees with the windows open? (That’s me.)

As nice as the view may be, it’s not necessarily the thing you should be paying attention to. Remember back to driver’s education where they taught us to scan the road, check your mirrors and blindspot? But why stop there? Expand your view. Look beyond your lane. Look to the sides of the road (but not at that accident!). Make eye contact with your fellow drivers. Look at a map to find a different route. Get off the freeway and explore the neighborhood. Don’t be a slave to your habits. Pay attention to streets, directions and the city grid. Make a mental note which streets move traffic faster at certain times. Know which streets have dedicated left turn arrows and avoid the left lane of those that don’t.

Mostly, bring your attention back to your driving experience and enjoy the ride, because the journey is the destination.

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