2 thoughts on “30 Seconds To Mars…”

  1. I worked in a store in Boston that was having a 30 Seconds to Mars instore before. Mr Leto showed up an hour before he was supposed to go on, saw that no one was lined up to see him, because his band blows and no one cares, and then refused to play. We’d sent out some staff to find an audience, so when he was supposed to go on, there were actually 50 people there, but he still refused to play, meaming we’d built a stage and paid a sound guy for nothing. So he agreed to sign some autographs for a while, but then refused to sign Fight Club, or Requiem for a Dream, or anything except 30 Seconds to Mars Crap.

    Basically the guy is a pain the ass bitch.

  2. I attended a show in Louisiana. Leto referred to the crowd as his “little mother fuckers” … what a pretentious jerk. After the show when he was autographing cd’s and t-shirts, he’d sign and look away like he didn’t even see you right in front of him ….. what an asshole!!!

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