Crazy Landlord Stories #1

After talking to a friend the other day about crazy landlords here in LA I decided that this needs to be a new series. I’m writing up my story shortly, this one is from a friend, if you’ve got one post in the comments or e-mail to me at sean AT

A friend was discussing how her current landlord won’t allow her to have any pets and then went on to explain that shortly after they moved in he tried to evict them for having pets, except by pets he meant plants. That’s right, he said that houseplants counted as pets and they were violating the lease by having plants in the house and would be evicted if they didn’t get rid of them. Of course this is insane and they argued with him for a while. He explained that the plants would obviously ruin the floors in the same way a dog that peed inside would and that “what kind of person has plants inside anyway?” They explained back “they are called ‘houseplants’ because of just that, people keep them in houses.” Well at some point this landlord must have talked to lawyer who advised him that trying to evict people by saying that plants were the same as pets was not going to fly in court and he gave up but raised their rent to get back at them for it. Good times!

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  1. Our landlord added an addedum to our lease stating that in the event of a terrorist attack, he was not responsible for any damage to our belongings.

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