Where To Buy An Xbox 360?

Next Tuesday, the 22nd, the first in the next generation of gaming consoles, the Xbox 360, will go on-sale.

If you didn’t preorder it (and chances are even if you did, your order won’t get fulfilled in time unless you ordered ridiculously early due to what many are speculating is an artificial shortage on Microsoft’s part to generate buzz), here’s what the situation is with a few local retailer chains, sorted in reverse chronological order (the most recent on top):

Gamestop: “Apparently, today the stores will be phoning people to tell them whether or not they will be recieving an Xbox 360 on November 22nd.”

EB Games: “A Canadian EB Games in Toronto received all of their Xbox 360 systems in store today, although their original allocation was cut back from 44 to 34. The sad part is that the store has 80 preorders. Not a good thing for Xbox enthusiasts.”

Circuit City: “Circuit City will begin selling a limited supply of Xbox 360 bundles on www.circuitcity.com beginning 2 p.m. Friday, Nov. 18, 2005. These units will ship on 11/21/2005; customers who opt to pay extra for next-day delivery can do so to get their Xbox in their homes on 11/22/2005.”

Best Buy: “Wanna know how many Xbox 360s are coming to your local Best Buy? Find your store number(s) off Best Buy’s official store locator, then check out the list for the right store for you to camp out next to on the 22nd or 21st.”

3 thoughts on “Where To Buy An Xbox 360?”

  1. in the indie spirit, i am going to suggest that everyone support the VERY BEST INDEPENDENT video game store in Los Angeles– ACME Game Store which is located at 7018 Melrose Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90038. You can call them at 323/931-2690…

    and no, i do not have any affiliation with the store… promise.

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