Not a Pornfield

Valeries post on made me rush to read this Times story about some accusations of people making porn movies in the ‘Not a Cornfield’ cornfield. Lot’s of back and forth as you’d expect but this bit is priceless:

[Aaron Landy] said he was filming a dancer in a colorful, flowing gown near a row of cornstalks Nov. 4 when project general manager Adolfo Nodal accused him of producing pornography. Nodal called in Los Angeles police and a state park ranger to force him off the leased park property.

Nodal — former general manager of the Los Angeles Cultural Affairs Department — denied Landy’s assertion.

“We never accused him of filming pornography. But there were people filming naked people. We had an open policy, but then things started to happen,” Nodal said.

But Landy had his highdefinition video camera rolling during the confrontation and secretly recorded Nodal.

“You guys are shooting pornography,” Nodal says on the tape. “You also cut a crop circle in the middle of the cornfield. You guys have been shooting porn in here. We have a lot of witnesses.”

In other news, I guess this title was just too obvious. Sorry.

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