MAN on LACMA on McGee

I’ve been watching the skuff regarding LACMA’s plans to demolish a parking garage that has some rather famous works of art in it by the likes of Barry McGee & Margaret Kilgallen among others. Tyler Green comments today on the LACMA response and sums the whole thing up with this:

If sections of the Berlin Wall can be preserved by cutting them out with a wet saw, why not do the same with McGees and Kilgallens from LACMA’s garage?

And too expensive? If LACMA can budget $60,000,000 for a new building, why didn’t they budget $60,025,000 to save some art? They can’t find a McGee/Kilgallen collector or trustee to pony up a few extra thousand dollars? C’mon.

While I know the nature of Graffiti Art is temporary and understand that it’s ability to just disappear is part of it’s charm, I do have to say that with the Kilgallen works especially it’s a shame that this isn’t being considered a bit more since there’s a finite chunk of her work out there.

One thought on “MAN on LACMA on McGee”

  1. Is there any time left to save the artwork, or is it a done deal? What if someone (You and Caryn? or ABLA?) put together a fund raiser to have it safely removed to be displayed somewhere else (Sixspace? or maybe some government building?)? Just a thought.

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