Love is a Tight Fit

I need help. The love of my life and I have decided to set up housekeeping together, so I am cleaning out my closets to make room for him and it’s getting ugly. Seriously. I have a dress I have not worn since 1989 in my closet and when I tried it on, hoping I could finally throw it in the Goodwill pile, I actually thought, hmmm..I still look pretty hot in this baby. I am, however, letting it go. The smart part of me wants to take every single thing I have not worn in the last year and chuck it, but I obsessively keep trying things on. After three hours of trying everything I own on, sadly, I only have six pieces in the giveaway, throwaway pile. This whole non attachment thing I have been trying to embrace in my Buddhist practice just does not seem to be taking. But it sure is nice to be in love.

3 thoughts on “Love is a Tight Fit”

  1. Yeah rodger….like I said..the non-attachment thing isn’t sticking! And thanks for the suggestion Emily…I’ll try that for future fashion finds.

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