LA Vikings? Anaheim Jaguars?

With all the spittle-splashing energy of, say, a pack of rabid ferrets, the sports wires are abuzz with the possibility of not one, but two football teams coming to Los Angeles. Whether those teams are existing franchises or not is anybody’s guess — owners like to use moving their teams here as a threat to wrest concessions from their cities — apparently one of them would be at the Coliseum and the other would be in a new stadium down in Los Orangeles, in the Angel Stadium parking lot.

The Saints are the most-rumored team coming here, of course, but now San Antonio has adopted them so if they do move it might not be here after all. Other rumors have the Jacksonville and Minnesota teams on their way soon — Anaheim Jaguars anybody? And considering how well the last Minnesota pro team moving here went, I’d say the Los Angeles Vikings has a certain ring to it. ;D

3 thoughts on “LA Vikings? Anaheim Jaguars?”

  1. I think the league already has a team called the Jacksonville Jaguars. When Disney owned both the Ducks and the Angels they cracked a joke about calling them the “Lion Kings.” Yes, that was one in a long list of stupid ideas (among them was the stupid ‘Ice Man’ charecter that Disney brought to major league sports)

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