Update on the Agro Mercedes Driver

So the agro neighborhood Mercedes driver that I had a small altercation with earlier this week almost ran over me and my dog tonight on our evening sunset walk! We were meandering along the side of the road and he was screaming up the narrow twisty roads. However I have an idea of where he lives. Watch out AgroEgo, I’m gonna stalk you and keep my fellow readers updated!

6 thoughts on “Update on the Agro Mercedes Driver”

  1. you could always go get a bottle of doe scent that hunters use, it stinks bad. pour some on his car. the smell will drive him crazy. asshole deserves something good.

  2. From what I’ve seen on the roads (as a driver, as a bicyclist, and as a pedestrian), the worst drivers generally speaking are Merc drivers. They are aggressive but unskilled, fast but imprecise. They drive as if no one else is on the roadways.

  3. After reading this last night I walked to the Chinese Theatre and was nearly hit by a Mercedes while crossing the street. They had a red light, a car in front of them, AND I had the solid white hand indicating I could cross. Still, even after making eye contact with me they pulled around the other car onto the “pedestrian walk stripes” so they could be ready to make a left hand turn, forcing me to stop and back, then walk BEHIND their car to cross the street. Mo fo.

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