Fun Crap You Can Do!

Hello folks, I hope everyone is as pleased as I am about the results from the special election last night, and if you aren’t I’m sorry, but that’s what you get when you live in a Blue State! Anyway, the point of this post is to inform y’all about some cool happenings in the next few days, some of them drum’n’bass related, some art related and some bicycle related. This time I will pass on the paragraph format and opt for the more apt list format:

  • Thursday, November 10th
    • Downtown Art Walk Ride : The monthly art walk will be taking place again in Downtown LA from noon ’till 9PM. Here is a map courtesy of Bert Green Fine Art. I will be attempting to see and photograph ALL of the galleries this time, and I will be doing this by riding my bike, I will be starting out at the Downtown Art Gallery at 5pm. If you would like to join me, please bring your bike and a lock, and shoot me an email to let me know you will be coming: art_ride [at] eecue [dot] com.
    • Reid Speed @ RESPECT : The lovely and talented Reid Speed will be spinning records at Respect, LA longest running drum’n’bass club, located at the The Larchmont, 5657 Melrose Ave. The club runs from 10p-2am and will run you $15 call :323.969.5993 or 310.281.9595 for more info. 21+
  • Friday, November 11th
    • Midnight Ridazz : Grab your bike and some blinkenlites (ok don’t really grab a german building hacked by the ccc) and ride on down to the corner of Echo Park Blvd. and Sunset at 9:30PM, the ride starts at 10PM, No Ridazz Left Behind.
    • MUSE 61 : LA’s longest running (and only) biweekly drum’n’bass club, Muse will be host to some of Sacramento’s finest DJs, Billy Lane and Mikey J. Located at “the only real Irish pub in Downtown Los Angeles,” Casey’s at 613 S. Grand (between 6th & Wilshire) call 213.629.2353 for more info, this club also features a house room and runs from 10pm to 2am and is free before midnight and only $5 after. 21+
  • Saturday, November 12th
    • Cave of The Winding Stair : This is not actually something you can do, unless you join the San Bernardino Sheriffs Search and Rescue Team, more specifically the Cave Team. If you are interested in joining the team check out this page about what you have to do and then if you are still actually in to it shoot me an email: cave_rescue [at] eecue [dot] com.
    • REWIND : Project Sweatshop and Nonstop Drum’n’bass bring you another rockin’ Rewind party, with some great Ragga dnb DJs including: Captial J, General Malice, Krinja, and R.A.W. I have 3 tickets to give away for this show, but to get one them you will have to find me at one of the aforementioned events, please let me know which one you will be at and I’ll tell you how to find me… one ticket per person. Email me at rewind_tix [at] eecue [dot] com
  • Sunday, November 13th
    • Samurai Sundaze [last weeks info] : Every Sunday the folks from Temple of Boom bring you a sake induced slosh-fest to make your Monday even more painful, did I mention there is no cover? The club is located at the Tokio Bar at 1640 Cahuenga Blvd. in Hollyweird. People seem to enjoy the hot sake, but personally I go for the cold stuff. If you arrive early enough you can get some great food, at least that is what I’ve hear as I never seem to make it there before midnight.

Don’t forget about the tamale festival that takes place Friday through Sunday.