Comments and Spam

ANNOUNCEMENT: Recently we upgraded our MT backend here at and since then we’ve been getting railed with comment spam. We’re working to figure out what is going on but things that are obviously spam are getting through the filters even after we’ve marked them spam so we’re turning on typekey authentication for a little while until we can sort things out. If you have a typekey account you can continue to post comments by signing in and if you don’t they are free to sign up for. Hopefully we can turn this back off soon but this should give us some breathing room to figure out WTF is going on.

One thought on “Comments and Spam”

  1. Thanks Sean (and who is also providing assistance)… I’m a big fan of and I appreciate the hard work that goes into making it a fantastic resource. Also, can’t you set up a system where a spammer who even approaches the blog gets a giant, planetary-sized wet willie?

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