Dog Gone It!

totp.jpg From Eating L.A. via Franklin Avenue comes this sad but all-too-familiar tail — tale — of another iconic food stand on the verge of being lost.

I’m old and native enough to remember when Eddie Blake’s Tail O’ The Pup used to sit on the corner of La Cienega and Beverly. Hell, I’m old enough and native enough to have gone there for a hotdog after a day spent with my mom at the old pony rides and Kiddyland amusement park across the street, which disappeared when the Beverly Center was born. It was around that same time that Eddie Blake and his Pup beat a retreat a block or so west to its current digs on San Vicente just north of Beverly.

And now the dog stand is reportedly in danger of being run off by a developer, only this time there’s nowhere for the L.A. institution to go except to the great doghouse in the sky? Ain’t that a bitch?

3 thoughts on “Dog Gone It!”

  1. Can’t we all chip in and have it shipped to a new home? I’m happy to put it in my backyard, but there’s got to be a more public space for it. Regardless, if you’re bored, find out what it would cost to buy it and have it transported to an L.A. location.

  2. That is a shame. In the event the development goes through as planned, I am starting up a fund to get the giant dog facade carted over to Oki-Dog on fairfax and installed half-assedly on the roof, a la Thai Town Express dog. Only Oki can carry the torch in this dark hour.

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