agro ass neighbors

I live in a neighborhood that has one main street up the hill. Generally only one car can get through because parking is allowed on one side and the street is very narrow. So it’s always interesting to see what happens when cars meet on the street.

Usually people are considerate and don’t even start up the hill if someone is coming down. Its a few seconds wait. Or you wait at the top of the hill, until the down car clears. Today I met another egotistical Mercedes driving asshole. And unfortunately he must be my neighbor.

I’m driving my truck with monster wheels (35″ to be exact) and coming down the hill because I can’t do a 3 point turn on my narrow street. I’m almost all the way down the hill and this car can see that I’m coming down it. He pauses for a second and then starts up the hill. I‚Äôm about 15 feet from the intersection he left and cars are parked on my side of the street and there is no room for me to pull over or for both of us to pass.

So I stop and wait for sense to trickle into his brain. He’s in a shiny black Mercedes and I’m in a big truck. Did it make sense to start up the hill when he could see I was taking up the entire street coming down it? He could have waited 2 more seconds for me to clear the street and had the entire road to himself. In addition, does he really think that my vehicle has the nimbleness to backup a steep hill on pavement? Apparently he does.

So it’s a stalemate. He refuses to back up and by this point another intelligent soul has pulled in behind him. I roll down my window to explain the situation to him (that he has to back up the 10 feet to the intersection) and he tries to tell me how to drive my truck and starts lecturing me on the laws of the road. I explain to him that if he wants to get home sooner than later he has to move his shiny nimble piece of shit. He finally realizes that I am not moving and starts to back up only after berating me and getting the guy behind him to get out of his car and berate me as well. They both back up only to proceed to block the entire intersection so that no road is clear.

This is extremely humorous to me. I was trying to turn my truck around and park it on the appropriate side of the street and in doing so I’ve caused a huge commotion with my delightful human neighbors.

What the hell? You’d think that people would do what makes sense? (Like wait until I cleared the street.) But what makes sense is often not what people do. I think we all know this. I have just forgotten it today. Instead they exert their ego and create a situation that makes their drive home a lot longer and more frustrating. And gives me writing material to amuse you.

First thing tomorrow, I’m adding a PA system and spotlight for any additional egotistical Mercedes jerks I run into or over.

8 thoughts on “agro ass neighbors”

  1. ok, this is probably *not* what you wanted to hear, and the guy in the mercedes is an ass, but … but… how big is that truck you’re driving (with “monster wheels”), in a city known for its narrow streets?! :-)

  2. You nailed it, ego takes over and these asswipes think that the more $$$ their car cost them the more they can rule the streets. Guess what dickie? I pay taxes too and commen sense should prevail in situations like this. Trucks are trucks, they serve a purpose. I drive my truck like I own the space on the road that I cover, nothing more, nothing less. Mercedes, BMW, Lexus (up your ass bitchy driver on the 14). My motto when I am in my 1973 Chevy 4×4? Ramming Speed!!!!

  3. It’s always enlightening to see the crazy judgements people make in their cars. Are cars are us I guess.

  4. I’m assuming by your name that you’re a woman. I swear to you, these types of men drivers pull this shit on women because we’re women. He wouldn’t have been so quick to jump out of his car and berate you had you been a man in a truck who might jump out and kick his mercedes driving ass.

  5. Ha ha. So funny that you should post this when you did. At the almost the exact same time as your post’s timestamp, we were having the very same conversation while trapped in the morass of the Silverlake Trader Joe’s parking lot. For anybody that’s never been there at a busy time, it’s the absolute epicenter of stupid, self-involved auto movement.

  6. Well, you can see a picture of the truck here: (the tires are not seriously monster truck, but as big as I’ve ever had.)

    As far as being a woman, maybe that is the case. I found his display of ego amusing and was not budging. I can’t wait to get the PA system going so I can “enlighten” my fellow drivers.

    And yeah, I know what you mean about the parking lot at Trader Joes in Silverlake. Try the Santa Monica one if you want to really Zen out. Or go up to Emeryville in the Bay Area a few days before Thanksgiving.

  7. there’s a new overflow parking lot at TJ’s on Hyperion that not many people seem to know about…it now makes my TJ going experience much more enjoyable…watching everyone at the regular lot suffer just to be that much closer to the store…not worth it to me, i’ll walk the extra block.

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