Gr-eat lunch

pokka110605.jpgToday I went to gr/eats for lunch and had some fish tacos that were as colorful as they were delicious. Mmm… If I had a car, or lived within walking distance, I would be there all the time.

Aside from the tasty tacos, the highlight of the trip was when my friend Dan ordered a Pokka iced coffee, and it came in a can with a cute guy on it.

If a beverage with a hipster dude on it sounds cool to you, take a closer look. It’s hard to tell from the photo, but in the background, he has a whole gang of hipster friends.

One thought on “Gr-eat lunch”

  1. Pokka is a Japanese coffee (or rather beverage) company! That’s neat they have coffee in the states too. Although their lemon drink is the thing to look out for. Mmmmmm…

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