Moon the KKK

I got this a few days ago and have been trying to think up an extra witty way to post about it but since it’s tomorrow I’m just giving the details and you can make the jokes on your own end. There’s a big Klan rally in Austin, TX tomorrow and a bunch of people are going to show up and moon the dudes in hoods. Knowing that a lot of people would also like to do this but can’t because they live someplace other than Austin, they’ve set up this blog which will detail the event, but will also allow you to virtual moon the Klan from anywhere. That’s right, we here in Los Angeles can send in mooning photos and they will print them up big and put them on signs to carry at the event. Is it wrong that I am more amused that there’s a bunch of people in Texas printing out giant ass photos and carrying them around town than what they are using them for? Not that there’s anything wrong with mooning the Klan, I’m all for it, actually I’m all for mooning anything but dude, giant ass prints!

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