Incidentlog is the bomb

I’m so psyched that Incedentlog is covering LA now. In case you haven’t heard about this yet, it’s a googlemaps hack showing you where recent 911 calls have come from. Here’s the map of the last 50 calls in LA which is great for all kinds of things, like deciding where NOT to look for a house or seeing what’s going down in your friends neighborhoods, like that one block where there were two fatal shootings around 2:30am. Yipes!

4 thoughts on “Incidentlog is the bomb”

  1. it looks like it is only showing 911 calls the ended up being serious incidents… i wonder what the lag time is before they show up? as the last one on there is from 2 days ago.

  2. Damn, two of these were pretty close to my place. And they were both Fatal Shooting Homocides. And one of them was right in front of an apartment that a friend was going to rent! Guess that’s why I prefer the S side of the 101.

  3. if you would like some help with the brian please let me know. sounds like a cool project. also I am interested in creating a crime stats google maps mashup from LAPD crime stats, but they only release them once a year and they don’t plan on releasing live data any time soon… maybe you could help me convince them to. I suppose the press release page / scraping would work, but I am more interested in a larger amount of data to work with, like a whole year of info.

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