4 thoughts on “Did anyone go out to WeHo last night?”

  1. Not sure where you live, but i live in weho and NO one came by for candy. I was very disappointed bc i had a big bowl of yummy candy to give out for the very first time, and no trick or treaters stopped by. Boo.

  2. I had a really disappointing turnout as well. Last year we had tons of kids and ran out of candy and had to go buy more. This year we only got a handful of kids scattered throughout the night. Maybe it’s because it was a Monday.

  3. Rilly strange, but trick-or-treat traffic was deader than usual in West L.A. too. We thought it was just us (we had about 9 light sources up on the house – jack’o’lantern, animated giant spider, green swamp flood, blacklight in the porch lamp, strobe, creepy music, etc.) but only had maybe a dozen-and-a-half parties stop by. God knows our kids got their share – the neighbors were giving out double portions just to get rid of the stuff. (more for Mom and Dad – heh)

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