Theo headed for the West Coast?

If I were a Dodgers fan, I’d be holding my breath, praying to the Baseball Jesus for some kind of good fortune. That might be the most borked organization in Major League Baseball.

Since I am NOT a Dodgers fan, but instead a Red Sox fan, I am cursing the Baseball Jesus for the resignation of moneyball master, Theo Epstein.

Is’t possible that Theo has designs on the West Coast? Hard to say. One thing is certain:

Without Theo, we of the Red Sox Nation would still be crying in our beer over Buckner. If there is a Baseball Jesus, maybe he will grant you Dodgers fans a Theo Epstein for Christmas.

I’d say you deserve it.

One thought on “Theo headed for the West Coast?”

  1. I know NOTHING about baseball. I just like that you’re using terms from last week’s Colbert Report.

    Well, at least i THINK that’s why “borked” showed up as the passive verb.

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