Frightfully Good Part Deux


USA Today (well, last week) had a feature on the Los Angeles house of horror-lover Rob Zombie and his wife Sheri Moon. Let’s just say on that bit, I’m jealous and will be making a point of scoping out the outside tomorrow night when he hangs severed limbs from trees. (!!!) But, Zombie listed his five must see movies for Halloween and I wanted to list them before I gave you my other five recommendations to make your Monday Halloween spooktacular.

Rob Zombie picks:

1. Frankenstein (1931). “The one that started it all.”
2. Freaks (1932). “As disturbing now as it was over 70 years ago.”
3. Halloween (1978). “Simple, scary and brilliant.”
4. Dawn of the Dead (1978). “Seen this 200 times and I love it more each time.”
5. The Devil’s Rejects (2005). “Whoever made this film is insane.”

Caryn’s picks:
1. Children Shouldn’t Play with Dead Things – conjuring up the dead isn’t always the best idea. I just found out that they’re re-making this movie right now. Color me more shocked than if I saw a real zombie! (Image)
2. Monster Club – Vincent Price (vampire) takes John Carradine (writer) to the monster club where he tells three horrifying tales. Monsters rule, OK?
3. The Sentinel – I am one of the Leeee-gion!!!
4. Zombie 2 – a zombie attacks a shark – folks, it just doesn’t get any better than this.

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