A Hallowed Hike

Wow! It’s hard to believe with this sultry summer weather, that today is the eve of the tides turning to fall and winter. It’s always such a shock that at the end of October, we’re still lolling around in this warm sunshine. To take advantage of it, yesterday my love and I drove out to Malibu in search of a hike overlooking the ocean. I used to live in Malibu and remembered a sweet trek I once took up in Coral Canyon, but couldn’t remember the exact location. So off we went on an adventure to explore. We drove to the top of Coral Canyon, where it dead ended, but that wasn’t the exact spot. I remembered a gate about a block below, so we ended up there. Walkiing down the fire road, we turned a corner to the greatest vista, views that stretched out to the Pacific on one side and warm hills of the Santa Monica Mountains on the other. There were huge rock formations, some with caves in them that we explored. It was wild to think that at one time these huge boulders were in the sea…but there it was, evidence of shells and sea fossils melded into the rocks. A terrific spot and what a place to see the sunset. Just go up PCH past old Malibu Road about two miles and take a right on Coral Canyon….go all the way up and you’re there.

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  1. Yeah, I know….it was…unfortunately the man had the camera and he left for work before I got it together this morning and posted….maybe tonight.,…

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