New Dumb Fashions

I’ve seen a frightening number of girls walking around recently wearing a combo of sweatbands, short shorts and cowboy boots. Please, pretty please tell me these are just isolated idiots and that this isn’t some new trend?

[image ganked from american apparel]

15 thoughts on “New Dumb Fashions”

  1. Sigh, I’ve noticed it too. My daughter just bought cowboy boots. She says they’re way cooler than Uggs (I agree). I think this is a new trend, sorry.

  2. ok. i am glad you brought this up. really glad. i thought i was the only one who thought this is the dumbest looking thing since trucker hats. i even started a site to document these transgressions(not live yet). anyways.

    i work on melrose and sadly, this is not an isolated incident. it is very pervasive, as i see every day driving home from work.

    here is an example of what we are talking about:

  3. blame it on american apparel trying to sell the short shorts. I recently had a conversation with a friend who wanted short shorts, and the first thing that came out of my mouth was american apparel. Trends come and go, nothing to worry about here. You can also blame the cobra snake for taking that picture.

  4. I saw a girl on my way to a morning class today wearing seatpants, a matching hoodie (both in tourquoise), with grey jersey short shorts over the sweatpants. No cowboy boots, however.

  5. That screech you here is my gut reaction to seeing the words “American” and “Apparel” close to each other and close to the word “fashion.”

    Repeat after me: tube socks are not a brilliant fashion invention.

    Dressing women like oversexed teens is not a brilliant artistic statement or positive embracing of sexuality. Dressing teens like oversexed teens isn’t either.

    Cowboy boots are better than ugs – but striped gym socks are idiotic and just plump American Apparel’s profits.

    Way to buy it, kids.

  6. Who cares what women wear? are you a woman hater? All your negative fashion posts are actually thinly veiled woman hating rants.

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