LA Health Dept. to Gays: Stick to Smoking Dick

Yes, I completely stole that headline from Defamer but I honestly had no choice. I mean, how can you not make a “smoking dick” joke when talking about something like this?

“If a waxed, muscular arm happens to whip the cigarette out of your lips the next time you light-up, do not be alarmed. Towleroad reports of a new campaign sweeping through our fair city’s streets called Last Drag. Mission: get The Gays to quit smoking”

OK, so the rationale here is that if you are gay, you hang out in bars, if you hang out at bars then you smoke, therefore if you are gay you must smoke. Except… wait for it… YOU CAN’T SMOKE IN BARS IN LA. Perhaps that little tidbit was overlooked? Maybe I’m missing something but this does seem to be an LA focused project. So… yeah… I’m always surprised when I meet people who smoke actually. I think of it like crack, is there anyone who doesn’t know it’s a bad idea? Or how about the fact that it’s one of the most disgusting things a person can do in public and not get arrested. Or how about forget the disgusting part and skip right to ‘just plain stupid’. Hmmm… here’s a habit that will make you look dumb, cost a ton of money, is very unattractive and will kill you. Sign me right up!

4 thoughts on “LA Health Dept. to Gays: Stick to Smoking Dick”

  1. It’s my understanding that the crystal meth problem in the gay community has been increasing. Simultaneously, the HIV rate for those seeking help with meth is rising as well.

  2. Most clubs now have smoking areas in a patio or outdoors section, so smokers can still get their fix if they want. They are probably focusing there…

  3. A bar is a place to go to pickle your liver while permanently damaging your hearing. Who the fuck cares about smokers? And you’re living in a city where you probably spend more years of your life in traffic then you’d lose to lung cancer anyways.

  4. Sean needs to let loose and have a little fun :P Quit taking the smoking and drinking so seriously. It’s not the enemy. Sure it’s unhealthy and all that, but it’s a choice.

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