Who Lets Their Cats Out?

If you live in LA and own cats like I do you probably have had worried nights when your kitty doesn’t come home and although he or she is probably out chasing some tail you worry they are now affixed to the road thanks to a rushed or preoccupied driver. When I lived in Hollywood I never let my cat Fractal out of my apartment to roam the neighborhood except for one time and when I tried to find him the next day I heard some muffled mews coming from our parking garage and upon closer inspection I found him stuck in the engine compartment of my neighbors car, who thankfully hadn’t gone anywhere that day. When I moved to Fullerton after my apartment filled up with raw sewage I let him roam the streets until one day my roommate found him squished. I was very sad, but at least it was an accidental killing, unlike this horridly fucked up news article I just read about some sick fuck mutilating cats in a neighborhood near WeHo using a machete. If you have seen anything or know anything about this there is a $1,000 reward for information leading to an arrest of the suspect.

One thought on “Who Lets Their Cats Out?”

  1. O man, If I’d seen anything they would’ve found the perp’s mutilated corpse next to his or her last victim. I’m gonna be keeping a sharp eye out in my neck of the wood’s in case this monster opts to head east.

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