I think my psychic ripped me off

I’m taking a comedy writing class at the Improv Olympic, and part of our first assignment was to do something out of character for ourselves. I’ve been having trouble making decisions lately, so I decided my “out of character” thing would be to go to a psychic for advice.

I had never been to a psychic before, so I picked one at random near Hollywood and Vine, went in and asked for a tarot card reading. The sign outside said they were $20. A few minutes into it, the girl and her assistant started implying I should give them all this money to light nine candles for me. It blew me away that they thought I could afford hundreds of dollars worth of spirit candles until I remembered that I was carrying a shopping bag from BCBG, where I had just purchased a cute, but overpriced, sweater. I didn’t tell them much of anything about myself, so I guess “buys expensive clothes” was all they had to go on, and they ran with it. When it was over, I ended up giving them $60 (way more than I wanted to spend) which covered the reading and something candle related that I didn’t understand.

Aside from feeling seriously uncomfortable with the way they kept trying to get more money out of me, the reading itself was a neat experience. A few of the cards seemed weirdly appropriate to stuff I’ve been dealing with lately. But I think the main thing I learned from my first psychic reading is that strangers (even “psychic” ones) have no idea what I’m like. If I ever decide to get another tarot reading, I’m carrying a bag from the 99 cents store.

Update: I’ve now talked to two friends about this, and both of them had similar experiences at other Hollywood psychics. I guess “give us hundreds of dollars for candles” is a common line. Maybe if they say it to enough people, they get somebody to fall for it once in a while?

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  1. Watch Adelphia cable access (channel 98) on Saturday mornings — like at 11:30 or so, you’ll have to check on the time yourself — and get Robin Zodiac to read your cards for you for free. She did mine after I watched Chip the Black Boy. It was interesting. http://www.robinzodiac.com/

  2. Entertainment Tonight also talked to several prominent Hollywood psychics, all of whom naturally praised the use of a psychic to guide the film’s production. Oh, if only ALL films had the advantage of an on-set psychic! Bombs would be a thing of the past!

  3. Imagine if the on-set pshycics got into a fight with Tom Cruise’s on-set Scientology missionaries.

    “My pseudo-science is more plausable than yours!”

  4. There are gypsies and soothsayers that prey on negative energy by manipulating money and property from people in emotional distress. I have been born with a strong intuitive gift and had a near death experience in high school and then, I attending a Christian college, in which I learned that prays were answered and visions are given to some. I realize my responsibility to good karma, and calling myself, a psychic gives me a lot of power over people seeking my advice.
    I do use the tarot, which is a beginner’s usually choose this tool. This can give me a quick overview to the caller’s life for my radio and television shows, and I only ask a person’s name and date of birth. When you call or go to a real psychic, it is an experience of understanding, whether good or bad. I do believe that warnings appear and a positive reader will offer up a psychic solution. If you are interested in a reading, please check out my website at http://www.RobinZodiac.com, or my ‘RZ Boutique’ at http://www.Readings4U.com.
    Check out my reference: http://www.keen.com/categories/feedbackoverall.asp?FeedbackName=ROBIN%20ZODIAC

    Watch for me on segments on Mtv this year!!
    Thanks to Silva from Silverlake for the posting!!

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