Hollywood Blvd Suspicious Package

My trusty fiance is on a mission to get us some last minute Halloween costumes, but the LAPD and LAFD seem to think that her personal safety is more important than buying some getups we will use for one day a year at the most. They have evacuated about a block of Hollywood Blvd between Highland and Cherokee. The road is blocked and people are being evacuated from businesses. She is now heading to a different costume shop on Santa Monica Blvd.

UPDATE It was actually just a suspicious package and it was on Hollywood and Wilcox.

One thought on “Hollywood Blvd Suspicious Package”

  1. Yeah, I got stopped there, too. They were just roping off the area around 4:30 or soon thereafter. I overheard a shopkeeper talking to someone saying that it was an abandoned suitcase, in the same place another abandoned suitcase had been left a few weeks ago. Police and fire extended the no-go zone from a few meters to either side of the Hollywood Costume shop, but after about 20 minutes or so, they extended the police tap to the entire length of the block.

    Needless to day, by attempt to score some hillbilly buck teeth was thwarted.

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