More fee hikes at public universities

These past few years have been tough for California State University and University of California students and their families. Today the CSU Board of Trustees raised fees again, but that’s expected because of the Compact between the governor, UC President Dynes and CSU Chancellor Reed signed in May 2004.

From the LA Times:

Despite the pleas of students who complained of financial hardship, trustees of the California State University system today approved fee increases of 8% for undergraduates and 10% for those in graduate programs.

The increases mean a fifth straight year of fee hikes for the 400,000 students in the 23-campus Cal State system, the nation’s largest network of public universities. University of California regents are due to vote on similar fee increases next month.

Under the plan approved by the Cal State trustees, full-time undergraduate students who are California residents will pay $2,724 in systemwide fees next year, up from $2,520 this year. Combined with the additional fees imposed by individual campuses, undergraduates will pay an average of $3,368 next year, up from $3,164.

For graduate students, the 10% boost will bring systemwide fees up to $3,414, up from $3,102, not counting campus fees.

I’ll be at the UC Regents meeting next month in Berkeley to argue advocate against the fee hikes. Even the UCLA Chancellor Carnesale — himself a fan of increasing fees — admits that UCLA students are now paying more and getting less and that increases in financial aid are increasing but at lower rates than before. For students at UC and CSU campuses who are fed up, my best advice would be to contact student government officers to see how they’re working systemwide to mitigate the situation.

My own take on the situation as a graduate student and UCLA student since 1998.

2 thoughts on “More fee hikes at public universities”

  1. Tune in next time to for another gripping story from the trenches. Will the UCLA students be able to afford their posh Westwood digs for another year? Will students suddenly have a change of heart and embrace fee hikes while professing their true undying love for Arnold Schwarzenegger? But what of the Chicana/o Studies department? Oh, what of the Chicana/o Studies department, indeed?

  2. Yeah, stuff like this worries me about attending grad school, where funding is limited. I don’t want to come out of that experience with a huge amount of debt.

    Brownstone, suicide is your only option.

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