LA Futurists Salon on Friday w/ Xeni and Mark from BoingBoing

Abstract: How hacking- or ‘maker’ friendly can we make our world? How many of the products that you buy are designed to be tinkered, customized, and modded by you as a consumer? How important is it for you to live in a world where your tools and technologies can be molded collaboratively by users to their own needs? How important do you think this maker capability is in emerging nations who have access only to our earlier-generation, hand-me-down technologies?

If that little snip peaked your interest at all then you’ll want to be at UCLA tomorrow evening where Xeni Jardin and Mark Frauenfelder will be speaking at the LA Futurists Salon. All the details are in this Boing Boing post.

2 thoughts on “LA Futurists Salon on Friday w/ Xeni and Mark from BoingBoing”

  1. do you think this event will be mobbed by hangers-on such as myself? i know there is no accurate way to predict, but i would like to go as long as i am not one of the thousand other n00bs that might show. not that it matters, i guess. if its good, its good. and it does look good.

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