This Grayness Is Heinous!

I’ve hit my limit. There may be those out there who enjoy L.A. all costumed up just in time for Halloween as the universe’s biggest gray whale but now into almost a week of swimming in this dreary San Francisco soup I’m tired of it! Sick actually. This day after day of drizzly gun-metal skies is bumming me out on a massive level. Sapping my energy. Making me look fondly down the barrels of guns and upon the edges of knives. And sure, the forecast today is calling for the sun to do more than peekaboo through the steely tent and actually burn the crap off, but when, eh? Probably around 5 p.m. when it’s almost dark and the clouds and fog are formed back up on the edges of the city ready for a counterattack that will overrun us once more. Run away! Run away!

6 thoughts on “This Grayness Is Heinous!”

  1. hang in there Will!…You’re not pulling a Clooney on us are you, I mean you are really looking down gun barrels, right?


  2. Es tu, Koga?! Methinks being out in the valley, you probably get at least to enjoy some daily afternoon burnoff. That hasn’t been happening much over in my environs.

  3. heaven forbid we actually see some “weather” ’round these parts.

    after what feels like a year of smoggy sunshine, a little overcast feels nice for a change. but maybe that’s just the eastcoaster in me…

  4. JT: well… they are just squirtgun barrels at this point. And Jeremy, gotta differ on your definition of “weather.” Having lived through last year’s 37 inches of rain, there’s been no shortage of the real stuff for me. I’m all for a change of pace, but this lingering low hung mung has overstayed its welcome.

  5. “low hung mung” = the funniest thing i’ve read in a while. well played will, well played.

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