Best Panhandling Sign Evar


Being a ninja myself, I totally relate. This is from blogdowntown:

” Walking to lunch today I saw a guy sitting at a corner holding a sign that started ‘Entire family killed by ninjas…’ I didn’t take a picture, but back in July flickr user Michael Heilemann took one of a similar sign (pictured).”

Eric goes on to ask how memes like this spread in the panhandling world, but forget that, this guy’s whole family was killed by ninjas!!

One thought on “Best Panhandling Sign Evar”

  1. That’s the point… How do they continue? Do they get spread through “water-cooler” type panhandler small talk? You see them and they’re funny — but only the first time, until you know the person with the sign didn’t come up with it. -e;

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